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Everything is made up of energy and that includes us. This is not a new concept and science can measure and see these fields of energies with the newest technologies available. There are many cultures in the world who were aware of this long before science found a way to measure energy, and there are many people who can see and sense energy without any scientific tools. They have been aware of this long before the technology has been made available.

Besides having a physical body, we have an energetic body as well. Our physical and energetic bodies are connected with energy centers, also called Chakras. In Sanskrit, Chakra translates as “wheel of light”. The purpose of the Chakra system is to spin the energy, keeping the balance between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. We have many Chakras inside and outside of our bodies but for now, let's focus on eight Chakras . Seven of these Chakras are located along our spine within our energy body, starting at the base going all the way up to the crown of the head. Chakras are connected through Life force energy. Life force energy has many different names in different parts of the world such as Prana, Qi, Chi, Holy Spirit, Ki and more and they all mean the same thing. It is the purest energy, the source of everything. It is what we are made of and not just as an external source. It is all there is. It is the purest energy there is.

Life force energy flows through the Chakras into and out of the body. Therefore, Chakras are not only connected to our physical bodies, but they connect to our environment too. Our Chakras can connect with Chakras from other people, animals, trees and any other energy in our energetic field. Each Chakra relates to specific physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well being. Remember that Chakras are energy centers and therefore they respond to the energy they perceive from you and your environment. By environment I mean your physical as well as energetic environment. A balanced Chakra system keeps us healthy in our body, mind, emotions and spirit. Since Chakras are affected by our own thoughts, feelings and our environment such as people and places, it makes sense why sometimes our Chakras can be out of balance. It could be only one or several Chakras in our system that are out of balance and we can feel this imbalance in our mental, emotional, physical wellbeing. If this imbalance is not addressed and balanced, the effect can be felt on all levels over time.

If you have read my previous posts where I talk about the shadow child, you probably recognize now that there are a lot of unresolved experiences that lie deep within your subconscious mind.

Just because it is subconscious to you, does not mean that it is unknown to your energetic system. In fact, all the pain, anger, shame and any other heavy emotions are still affecting your Chakras as they exist in energy form. The energy is still within and around you and it is that stuck and blocked energy that keeps your system out of balance. You know that it is out of balance when you do not feel well either physically, mentally or emotionally and you do not know exactly what it is. It might be a sense of feeling drained, anxious, unsettled or just feeling off. It is your subconsciousness talking to you through your energetic body that it is time to cleanse and restore balance.

There are many ways to keep our Chakras in balance. Over the next view posts, I would like to give you some tools that will enable you to dive a little deeper and explore your Chakras and how to keep them balanced and working at their optimal best for you. Some of the many ways you can balance your energetic system are through meditation, Reiki, energy work either by yourself or with the help of an experienced practitioner. Today, I would like to offer you a Reiki video you can use by setting your intention of what you would like to receive. Remember, everything is energy. Your thoughts and intentions are energy too. Every thought and intention you create is sending out an energetic command to your energetic system and mind. We will go into this in more detail in future posts, but for now you can use this concept to set you intention on what you need and if you would like to experience the Reiki energy, feel free to watch this video anytime you need it.


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