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Be The Driver Of Your Journey And Thrive - Healing Your Inner Shadow Child

This blog post is a continuation of a series of posts. To receive the most clarity out of this post, please be sure to read the previous posts in this order:

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Deciding Who Is Navigating Your Life - Recognizing Your Subconscious Mind


When you begin to stand in the sun, your shadow will appear as well. The shadow is part of you. When you are walking on your spiritual journey and you begin to open yourself up to the light within you, you will come across your shadow, your ego self, the self that was born from your subconscious mind. Becoming conscious or aware gives you the ability to recognize your shadow and gives you deeper insight into your subconscious mind. In the previous blog posts, we had a look at what our mind map looks like and discovered that the larger part of it lies in our subconscious mind. It takes most of the space in our mind and fulfills its role as best as it can. It is here to analyze your experiences in life, every encounter and interaction you have with your outside world, and then categorizing it whether it is safe and desirable for you or if it should be avoided. Its role is to protect your physical, mental, and emotional body from harm. Your subconscious mind is like a gigantic computer analyzing every bit of data it receives. We have learned in the last blog post that although the subconscious mind is the larger part of our mind, we do have the ability to choose what program or data we would like to run. If we are unaware of what our programs are in our subconscious mind we act, react, and walk around life repeating our past experiences over and over. If the subconscious mind is in the driver seat and you have little to nothing to say in the backseat, life can feel like you are driven without having control. It can create stress, anxiety and unease. Often people do not even realize where that feeling is coming from because there might not be anything wrong externally. Does this mean that your shadow is your enemy? Is it something you need to overcome or silence? Not at all. Just trying to attempt doing so can cause even more stress. The shadow is doing what it is supposed to do. It is here to alert you, and show you aspects of your past. Its goal is not to get hurt again.

A lot of times, people think that they need to fight their shadow and make it go away. But what if you can begin to see it more lovingly as a part of you trying to protect you from your outside world? It arises from traumas or experiences that have wounded you at some point in your life or have otherwise impacted you in one way or another. These wounds that have been registered as data have mostly happened in early childhood. Trauma can look very different for each person and is not comparable. A wound is a wound and wounds need healing. So can you begin to see your subconscious mind as your own wounded inner child? It could also be referred to as your shadow child. A wounded child that somewhere along the way was deeply hurt through its own perspective at the time. If you can begin to see it as your younger version and begin to talk to your younger self, you can change your relationship with your shadow child. What would you tell your shadow child with all the experience you have gained over the years? How would you encourage your shadow child and help it feel understood, cared for, and yes, even loved?

If you can bring yourself to see your connection with your shadow child in this light, it can create a powerful shift on many levels. It will shift your focus from the outer noise to your inner voice as you begin to heal yourself. Instead of directing your attention to the outside, to blame, judge, fear, or other reasons, you begin to look within and recognize patterns you have created based on your experiences though your five senses. You will notice that with repeated practice of embracing your shadow child, you will feel more centered and your attention will move into your innermost being. The focus is not about quieting the outer mind. The aim is to bring more awareness to your inner guidance, the I AM presence, the Divine, the Holy Spirit, God, Universal Life Force, Unity. Focusing the attention on the I Am presence will quiet the outer mind on its own. Being aware of and embracing your shadow child creates lightness and the relationship feels more wholesome. You might even be able to smile at your shadow child and recognize where it is coming from in a loving and understanding way, like a parent observing their child. Your shadow child is not your enemy that you need to fight. It is simply here for you to recognize it in your everyday life, understand where it is coming from, what its purpose is and to embrace it for what it is. By getting in touch and listening to what your shadow child has to tell you, you will be able to become aware of it during daily life and transition to calmness and peace within you. You will recognize that instead of sitting in the backseat watching your past experiences taking over, you can switch positions and sit in the front seat. By actively doing your inner work you can be the driver on your journey and the destination is your call.


You don’t need to do this alone. If you feel you could benefit from getting together with me and other people to share experiences, please join us. Sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this post where I share free offers, exclusive discounts as well as free online live events and more with our community.

I am excited to be part of this journey with you and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in either the comments section of this post or send me an email at I will respond to you as soon as I get a chance to.

If this post has left you with more questions such as “who are you in the backseat as an observer?”, “why are you in the backseat?” and “why is shadow child driving?”, then you may feel called to dive deeper into self discovery. As much as you are learning to embrace your shadow child, it is time for you to step into your true purpose and become the driver. It is time to release your shadow child’s role of making the decisions and letting it get comfortable in the backseat. You can still have a conversation with it while it rests in the back, but you are the driver and you decide on the direction and destination. This is now starting to come together and making more sense, but practically speaking, HOW do you do this? How do you switch the roles after years of sitting in the back, most likely not even aware of who you are allowing to be your driver? And finally, who are you as a driver?

To support you in this process of discovery, I have created a 3-step process you can apply in your life now to find your own answers. Let me give you an overview of the Heal-Honor-Shine process. The Heal-Honor-Shine 3-step process is the map. It will take you to your destination once you follow the steps that lead you there.


We have already touched on the shadow child in this post. The shadow child, once you recognize it and acknowledge its existence, needs healing. It is still traumatized by events you may not even remember anymore. Your shadow child remembers and is still stuck in that scene that plays over and over like a song on repeat. The healing needs to come from you. It is the messiest part of the whole process but a necessary clean up. In this step of the process, you will learn practical ways to get in touch with your shadow child, reconnect in a loving way, and finally heal from old wounds.


After your healing process, old masks you have worn, old coats that buried the real you, and walls you have built, will begin to fade and underneath all of those protective layers, the true you, your Self will emerge. It has always been there but it often seems disconnected between all the masks and layers that have been built over time. Once you can see your true Self, it is time to get to know yourself in a whole different way. In a way, it will feel like seeing a long lost friend and you remember everything about your friend. In this step, you will learn to honor your true Self once again.


Once you have healed, and then finally met your true Self, you can then recognize what it is you are meant to do. You will see yourself from a whole new perspective and you have a clear connection to your inner guidance. Your inner guidance will help you on your spiritual journey, leading you onward every step of the way. This is where you will discover why you are here and how you can contribute to the bigger picture. This is the step where you feel ready to step into a world you are creating, to show your colors to the world and SHINE!

If you feel called to find out more about this or other programs, please feel free to send me an email at I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.



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