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Visit my entire video collection at my youtube channel Karin Mekara

Deep within all of us lies the source of all there is. It is the place where you find yourself, your strength and all the answers you are looking for. Whatever your situation is, you have the strength you need within you. It is available to everyone. What is required is to pause the external world and go within, connecting with your higher Self. Enjoy this channeled energy, be open to receive and to be  guided back to your pure core being.

The heart center is the focus of this Reiki session, however, once it is balanced it connects with all the other Chakras as well. The heart Chakra is the energy center of love and compassion to oneself as well as others. It is deep unconditional love that awakens us and connects us to the Divine, to all there is. When we experience stressful situations, we tend to close our hearts first as a way to cope and self protection. Energy out of balance shows up in the way we feel mentally, emotionally, and physically. Use this video anytime you sense a heavy sensation in any of those levels to cleanse and come back to your natural balance.

This meditation uses mindfulness as a way to access a meditative state of being and centering. Bringing awareness to our body can help to reconnect with ourselves and to feel a sense of freedom and empowerment. Self awareness and allowing feelings to rise to the surface without judgment can increase self-compassion, improve focus, reduce stress, improve sleep and experience peace from within.

This meditation is for anyone who would like to receive the benefits meditation can bring but is unsure where to begin. Oftentimes, people have the false belief that they just can’t meditate or sit still long enough and therefore meditation is not for them. Meditations come in different forms, lengths and styles and it is my own belief that anyone can meditate. It is my hope that this short, guided meditation will help you find your calm and peace.

This meditation is especially helpful whenever you are unsure about your next move in life, when you experience uncertainty or anxiousness. Pausing for a moment to find clarity and stability helps to open up to new perspectives and gives a clearer understanding of the present moment. Give yourself regular moments, where you can pause, and rest in the space of stillness.

This is week 1 of a 6 week pre recorded video course and is an inward journey to uncover your true self, inner peace and joy. At your own pace, you will learn practical ways to balance your life and connect with your spirituality. Give yourself the space you need to nurture yourself and be more present in life.

Enjoy this full body distance Reiki Session to support you and bring to you whatever is in your highest good. Feel free to set an intention before this session and then just sit back and relax or lie down however you are comfortable. Take this moment for yourself and be open to receiving.

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