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Karin Mekara Welcomes You

Heal Honor Shine


A New Beginning - Guided Meditation To Manifest The Life You Desire


Spiritual Awakening To Peace

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"Spiritual Awakening to Peace is a beautifully compact and yet powerfully effective handbook that reveals how to create and maintain a blissful and peaceful balance in one’s life through following a well-marked path of practical and simple steps. More than that, it clearly delineates the way to manifesting the dream life you want to be living, now and forever. I loved it! "- Joanne Elizabeth Moore Author of "One Woman Walking: From Fear To Freedom"

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Connect to the Divine within you and find healing from your past. Discover how to find your own inner guidance, be in touch with your intuition, recognize your authentic self and align with your soul's path - your life's purpose.

Meditation & Mindfulness Women Circle: Self Care And Stress Reduction

Maintaining a work-life balance can be challenging in a fast paced and often over-stimulated lifestyle. If you feel like you are juggling multiple tasks at once and are responsible for everything, chances are you feel overwhelmed and alone. You are not alone. Women all over the world can identify with this scenario. It is time to come together in a supportive environment to connect, encourage and to grow. Make space for your needs to nurture your mind, body and spirit, alongside other women. In this once a month women’s circle, we come together to learn how to integrate meditation and mindfulness in daily life and live a life that is balanced and wholesome. I am looking forward to welcoming you to the group! Circle Structure: Opening meditation Mindfulness content Reflections, Q & A Closing (changes between exercises, meditation, setting new intentions and more) Investment: 1 monthly session of 1 hour:$50.00 How To Register: Sign up to my monthly newsletter where I will announce the theme and time for each month as well as share new upcoming events, updates, and invitations to group challenges, book clubs and more. You can then pick and choose to participate whenever and with whatever event you would like to or simply just enjoy my once a month letter to you without any commitments.

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Karin Mekara grew up the first part of her childhood in Switzerland and her teenage years in Thailand. She moved to Chicago, IL, USA, to study Music Education and after completing her degree traveled back to Thailand. Back in Thailand, Karin married her soul mate and together they have two amazing daughters. She went on to become the Elementary music teacher at an International school where she loved the creativity working with young children and seeing their development.

Over the years she realized that while she was busy attending to all her roles she took on, she was neglecting something deep within her, the source of everything she had created. It was at that time that Karin began to look inward to find the center of her being once again. On her journey of self discovery, Karin learned that in order to be able and be there for others fully and completely, she had to be whole herself. She had to be rooted in her inner source of love and peace. On her journey, she discovered that by staying centered within, the outside world would be in balance as well. 

Incorporating meditation and conscious awareness in her life completely changed her perspective on life in such a profound way that she felt the call to serve others on their path as well.

This was the beginning of Karin’s new path, her soul’s path. She continued her studies and became a certified Spiritual Wellness Specialist and Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. She is very grateful and honored to be able to step into her life’s purpose and walk alongside others as they find their own soul’s path. 

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