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Free Spiritual Wellness Session Call

Win a FREE virtual Spiritual Wellness session with Karin:

What A Spiritual Wellness Session Can Do For You:


-get to know your inner potentials and realize the power within you 

-gain clarity to navigate your life and gain momentum to moving towards your goals

-find your passion in life and work on clearing limiting beliefs

-connect to the Divine within you and remember you are always guided with love

-free yourself from blockages and center yourself in higher energies of joy, love, and gratitude

-exploring new possibilities to achieve your goals


What To Expect In A Spiritual Wellness Session:


Private sessions are intuitively guided to meet your personal needs which can look different from person to person. Each session is different depending on the needs of each individual. The aim is to work on a deeper, holistic level to incorporate wellness in all aspects of your life. The focus is on you and what your goals are. You will be asked what your goal or expectation is for your session and we will go from there. 


A session can include some or all of the following:


-mindfulness exercises

-reflections and exploring new possibilities

-energy balancing


How To Enter The Monthly Prize Draw: 


-Send an email to to enter your chance of receiving your personal session.

-In the “subject” line write: “Monthly Prize Draw”

-Specify your contact email where you can be notified if you win a free session

-In your email, answer the following question:


What is your long-term goal or where would you like to see yourself in 6 months from now?

Each month, Karin gives away a few limited invitations for a private one-on-one Spiritual Wellness sample session.

Terms & Conditions:

Sessions are free and last between 20-30 minutes unless stated otherwise; the session will be arranged at a mutually agreed upon time between you and Karin Mekara.

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