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From Overwhelm To Mindfulness - How To Get Started

Sitting in meditation and bringing awareness to our inner being is such an important part for well-being. With practice, you will begin to pick up on the signals and messages you receive from the Divine, God, Creator or however you

wish to name this Universal Energy, guiding you along your path. Through practicing meditation and mindfulness, you will begin to fine-tune yourself, and with regular practice become aware of this inner state even when you are not sitting in a quiet meditation. Life will become your meditation. Life will be a

mirror for you, reflecting your inner state. Seeing the world through your inner eyes will help you navigate through anything with clarity and in a conscious state. You will begin to see purpose in everything. Life does not happen to you, but rather, you are co-creating your own life from your inner state.

I would like to share a mindfulness exercise you can try in a quiet place first and then, as you become familiar with the process, apply this exercise in everyday life with your eyes open - in any situation. Applying these skills in life is how you will feel a shift in your life. Meditating only in a quiet place is one thing, but being in that meditative state throughout your day is an entirely different experience and in my experience, very much worth the effort. You will begin to notice that when you are shifting your energy into a balanced, inner calm state, your environment will shift with you. People and situations will be affected and you will start to pay attention to it. Whatever energy you send out into the universe will surround you and energies in the same frequencies as you will be attracted to you. Energies can come in the form of people and situations. This is where creating your own life begins. You need to step out of the victim mode and realize that it is you who is sending out energy. Whatever energy you would like to attract, be sure to send that energy into the world. Be that energy.

Here is a mindful exercise to get you started. Practice it in a quiet environment first and when you feel comfortable, begin using it in your everyday life:

With each hand, gently touch your thumb with your index finger. 

Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your

mouth. Do this two more times and bring your attention to your

fingertips. Begin to sense the energy that flows through your hands

into your fingertips and how your thumbs and index fingers connect

energetically. After you take three deep breaths, just keep breathing

however comes natural to you but keep your fingertips together.

Notice any pulsation you might feel, warmness or tingling from the

blood flowing through you.

Take a moment to realize how your body is working for you every moment

of your life. Without you doing anything consciously about it,

your body is keeping you alive, gives you life energy, 

checking in with you every moment that all is well.

Take a few more conscious breaths with this awareness and then

either gently release your fingertips and keep your hands however

feels natural to you or keep them together if that feels better to you

at this moment. There is nothing you need to do. Simply observe

how your body is here for you. Notice if your breathing pattern has

changed, observe the energy you feel in your hands, and then see if

you can follow the sensation of your hands to your arms, shoulders,

your lips, your tummy and consciously check in with different parts

of your body. See how the energy feels in each part. If one part feels

heavy, uncomfortable or if you can’t sense anything, breathe deeply

into that body part until you begin to feel a lighter energy.

Once you have checked in with different parts of your body,

use your breath to connect each part so that the energy can

flow from one to another part, connecting you as one whole being.

Feel how your breath moves through every part in your body,

starting from the head as you breathe in, down to your feet,

and as you exhale, bring that energy of your breath back up to your

head into one complete circle.

Before ending this mindfulness activity, thank your body for all it

is doing for you. Recognize that your body’s mission is to protect

you, shelter you, and strengthen you. Thank your body for doing

all of this work for you every moment of your life, whether you are

aware of it or not. Give thanks for every moment you are given. It is a moment of new opportunities. Be thankful for every opportunity.

If you practice the above activity in a quiet space a few times until it becomes easy to do, you can begin to try this while you are out and about your day. This can be done in 5 minutes at your desk, your lunch break, even in a bathroom break. There is no need to close your eyes, although sensing is easier with your eyes closed. However, begin practicing to do this with your eyes open. Sense the energies within you.

As you do this more often, you will begin to see how your awareness will expand and be more attuned to what is going on within you and in your environment. Whenever you notice how your energy is shifting into a lower frequency and state of inner suffering, you can choose to change it into a higher vibration. By being aware of your energy and actively choosing to stay as much as possible in a state of higher vibrations such as peace, love, joy, comfort by practicing mindfulness exercises such as this one, you will notice that it will become easier over time, to remain in this high frequency for long periods of time.

You can have a blissful state of being your default state. This takes patience and time dedicated to practice not only on a meditation pillow, but in daily life. It is not an easy thing to do and the ego will be fighting against looking within, but once this peace becomes the default state, we can begin to see life from a different angle and see the bigger picture. We will see purpose, beauty, and love in all shapes, forms, and beings. 

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