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As we are finishing up yet another year, many of us reflect on the current year and where our journey has brought us so far. It feels natural to take a breather, to sit down and reflect on the deeper meaning of life. It is easy to get distracted by all the things that did not turn out the way we planned, to focus on the things we have not accomplished yet, and to feel stuck in the losses and hurt. I invite you, to take a moment for yourself to close your eyes, put your hands over your heart and take long deep breaths. Stay in this moment of silence and move away from judgement. Instead, be an observer with an open heart and recognize how far you have come. You owe it to yourself to recognize the power in every step you took along the way.

Every step you take is your intention to keep moving despite the ups and downs and that is all it takes. It takes intention to move and go for it again and again. When I reach my low points and get discouraged, when things do not proceed as I have envisioned, I often think of a quote by Thomas A. Edison: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work". There are so many other inspirational souls that have left a mark on this planet who have shown us that perseverance is a key component to outstanding achievement. It is part of our journey.

As we are about to begin a New Year, let us remember to be kind to ourselves and recognize how far we have come and let us remember that we are all here to learn. We must move and shift together. We get to choose our destination. It all begins with a choice, with an intention. Our intentions are the seeds from which our actions grow. It is within these intentional choices and perseverance that we discover the alchemy to transform aspirations into reality.

I am inviting you to start fresh or to find new inspiration in your long term vision that has yet to manifest. It might be a new goal you set for yourself, or simply to leave behind what is no longer serving you. Whenever you feel you need to close a chapter or perhaps a chapter was closed for you, it is time to center, stay true to yourself and begin a new chapter. You are the creator of your own story.

Please join me for a channeled meditation to create space for new opportunities. I would love to see you there and hold space for all of us as each one of us takes another deep breath and another step.



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