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Centering And Grounding Yourself - The Key To Co-Creating Your Own Life

At the core of your being, you are whole. Finding your Self is to go within you. It is not something you can find externally. When you begin to be more attuned to the energies of yourself and your environment, your intuition will be your guiding path to wholesome wellness which includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy body.

In my previous post, I have mentioned how everything is made up of energy. Everything's root is made up of energy - our environment, ourselves, our thoughts, and emotions. My previous post, "CHAKRAS AND THE CONNECTION TO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUSNESS" was an introduction to how our physical and energetic bodies are connected with energy centers, also called Chakras. If you would like to review my previous post for more details, please visit here:

Many times, we experience a sense of wholeness or serenity in very specific circumstances like when we are completely engaged with a hobby, gardening, art, music, writing, dancing, or when we sit in nature, see the sunrise, when we are touched by the beauty of a flower, feeling the breeze of warm air on our skin, in our prayers and meditations. In those moments we feel like our truest, authentic self. It is in those moments when we connect with our inner being and connect with our soul. In these moments we feel content with all that is, we feel gentleness and love, we feel strength.

To be in that state of wholesomeness is how we balance and restore our energetic system. We have the ability to come back to this peaceful place anytime we wish to, however, often times people spend more time in the hectic and busy world they call their life. Their default state is doing and chasing after things, in contrast to the state of wholesomeness which comes from being. If we can balance doing and being we have greater potential to achieve what we want with joy and plenty of energy that thrives us without exhaustion or burnouts. Balancing our energetic system and coming back to being is not a luxury for a selected group of dreamers, it is the way of life. Look at nature and what it can teach us. Everything is made up of being and doing, going and resting.

A lot of us have already discovered what it takes to be in this restorative state, however, it only lasts for so long. Have you ever finished the most beautiful morning meditation, gardening time, or reading a book feeling ready for the day and then only minutes later found yourself stressed over something in your schedule, traffic, deadlines, family members or the news? What is the purpose of connecting to our inner being, feeling at peace but only for such limited time? Is there a way that we can carry our meditations into our daily life? Can we stay in this peaceful and wholesome state throughout our day?

Sitting in meditation and bringing awareness to our inner being is such an important part for well-being. With practice, you will begin to pick up on the signals and messages you receive from the Divine, guiding you along your path. Through practicing meditation and mindfulness, you will begin to fine-tune yourself, and with regular practice become aware of this inner state even when you are not sitting in a quiet meditation. Life will become your meditation. Life will be a mirror for you, reflecting your inner state. Seeing the world through your inner eyes will help you navigate through anything with clarity and in a conscious state. You will begin to see purpose in everything. Life does not happen to you, but rather, you are co-creating your own life from your inner state.

Today, I would like to share a centering and grounding meditation with you to help you get started with a regular practice you can start today. Taking the time for yourself each day to center yourself will help you to open up from within and stay grounded. With regular practice, your peaceful grounded place will become your new default state of being. With regular practice, you are redirecting your state from doing to being, from the outside to the inside, from chasing after to wholesomeness and balance.

Making this meditation part of your daily practice will help you find the peace within you that carries you throughout your days. Once you sense your energies more easily, you begin practicing mindfulness with your eyes open in daily life. May this meditation bless you with love, peace, and joy.


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