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Rest - You Are Enough

Dear Soul Family,

We can see your internal struggle. You are aware of the changes as we are shifting into higher energies and the birth of the new Earth. You witness the pain and darkness that many experience during these times and you sense your mission to support. You feel the call to reach out and assist in this important process. You are ready to serve. You are awake, you are connecting with your soul family, and you look within to find where your place is in all of this, how you can serve and answer the call you hear so clearly. It is this call within you that began like a whisper some time ago, but has developed and grown into a clear call you cannot deny. It is calling you to serve humanity, to serve our world in this shift to higher energies.

A lot of you feel a sense of frustration of not being heard or seen the way you would like to. You know that you can assist but no one reaches out to you. You search in many places, you learn more about yourself and you want to share. When there is nobody that answers your call in this earthly realm, it can feel lonely and some of you are doubtful if you are doing enough or if you are even worth being heard. Why is nobody reaching out to you? Are you not doing enough to be seen? We see how you work so hard to learn, to be seen, to be found.

We are here to tell you that you are already seen. You are found and you are doing more than enough, my dear soul family. Have you noticed how your energy shifts dramatically within a day? Do you feel the high energy that fills up every part of you and then all of the sudden you are completely exhausted, feeling drained for no particular reason? Dear soul family, for now, most of your work you are doing and that you have chosen to do long before you were born is all part of the spirit work. You are working and assisting in so many ways in your dreaming state. When your physical body is asleep, your spirit is here with us. Our soul family is reunited and together, we are assisting in more ways than you can imagine. This is the way it is for now because it is that energy that is most needed at this time. The support you long to give is coming from another energetic level that cannot be compared to your earthly work. You are part of our soul family, and together we are joining to heal, shift, love and transition. Dear soul family, when your physical body is sleeping, your soul is at work and so many souls are benefiting from all that you do. The reason why your physical body feels tired is because you are shifting between these higher vibrational energies in your dreaming state and

the slower energies when you wake up again.

We are here to tell you that you already do enough. You are enough. You are loved beyond what can be expressed in words. Trust that you are doing what needs to be done at this moment of time. The time to do more work in your physical world will be coming too. Continue your current path of learning, experiencing, being and helping when you are needed, but when you experience a time of stillness and nothing seems to be moving forward for you, know that all is well and as it should be.

Dear soul family, so many of you are so driven but you have forgotten to rest and simply be. There is a sense of guilt in a lot of you the moment you stop. Resting is part of your journey, dear soul family. You are doing high frequency work in other realms. Take the opportunity, when it comes, to slow down and rest. When things seem to slow down against your will, when you feel tired or unmotivated to move forward, trust that it is your well deserved time to be. Rest and do the things you feel called to do in those moments. Enjoy your naps, surround yourself with your family and friends, go out in nature, soak up every moment, and be present. That is how you serve the most. By preserving your energy and balancing your energetic work with rest, you are showing up and serving your soul’s path.

Dear soul family, we came here today to remind you how much you are loved and appreciated. You are surrounded by your guides and angels and we are all here to support you on your journey. We are here to remind you that your work is not only in this physical realm. You are very active in higher realms and your earthly nights are your soul’s working times. So when your physical bodies wake up each morning, look in the mirror and say thanks to yourself. Recognize the beauty within you and know that you are enough.

Dearest soul family, we are one and we are here together from many realms. You are loved and we thank you for your committed work.

Rest and know, you are enough.

And So It Is…

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Oct 11, 2022

I loved thank you for this message I needed it!

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